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SHORT COURSE - Bidding for Beginners

Suitable for small groups this half-day short course is aimed at beginners covering:

  • The different stages of the tender process

  • Looking for the right opportunities

  • How to read the tender documents and how to spot deal-breakers

  • Creating, maintaining and using a bid library

  • Completing the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

  • Persuasive writing – how to prepare an effective response


Includes a 4 week support package to answer any tender-specific queries following the course.

Individual bookings: £225.00 per person


Group bookings (6+): £1200.00 per session


Power Hour

A one-to-one support session to answer any questions relating to all things bids and tenders.

These Power Hours are designed to either improve your existing skills, or provide a brief overview of the process to help you decide on the options for your business.

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