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Do you want to take control of your business? Don't have the budget to pay someone else to do your bookkeeping or bid-writing? Want to learn useful tips for managing your admin?

Power Hours are personalised one-to-one coaching sessions covering a single topic or range of queries, designed to give you tools to manage your business more effectively. You choose the areas you want to cover, or the skills you would like help with, and we will do the rest.

All power hours are available for a fixed price of £120 per session:


Bid & Tenders: 
For SMEs or Sole Traders new to the world of bidding and tendering for contracts.

Basic Bookeeping: 
Learn the basics of bookkeeping using QuickBooks, Sage50 or Sage Cloud Accounting. 


Administration Skills:
Hints and tips to improve your administration skills to help your business run more smoothly.

Microsoft Excel:
Getting the most out of Microsoft Excel including shortcuts, charts and graphs, and simple formulas.

SHORT COURSE - Bidding for Beginners

Suitable for small groups this half-day short course is aimed at beginners covering:

  • The different stages of the tender process

  • Looking for the right opportunities

  • How to read the tender documents and how to spot deal-breakers

  • Creating, maintaining and using a bid library

  • Persuasive writing – how to prepare an effective response


Includes a 4 week support package to answer any tender-specific queries following the course.

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